Popillia japonica

The Popillia Japonica is a beetle native of Japan, which in two years has spread in northern Italy. This insect lives mainly in the soil, where it lays eggs and goes out in the evening to feed of leaves, flowers and fruits, greatly damaging plantations.
It prefers plants of tomato, corn, pea, grapevine, apple, linden, rose, while the larvae in the soil, feeding on roots, can get to completely destroy the turf of lawns and parks.
This particular insect is similar to other beetles already present in our territory, with bright green body and bronzed wings, however, it differs for the presence of small white tufts of hair on the body edges.
The fight against this insect, for now it is focusing on monitoring with pheromone traps followed by the contrast with predatory insects, like the wasp Tiphia vernalisWhoever finds specimens of Popillia japonica in its territory is invited to signal their presence to the plant protection service of their region.