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A further step forward in the science of artificial incubation was done with the creation of the incubator "REAL 24", an unprecedented Engineering Art!

For "REAL 24 "were adopted highly innovative systems that fully meet the customer's specific requirements, which are increasingly oriented towards using a technologically advanced machine.

"REAL 24": a dynamic reality that holds 3 patents:

1) UNIVERSAL TRAYS SYSTEM: first and only professional world egg holder that can hold down any kind of egg, goose egg of quail. In each case you can enter, instead of a chicken egg 4 small eggs: where content spaces, you can incubate 96 quail eggs, reducing net electricity consumption.

2) EXTERNAL WATER FILLING: the filling of internal trays is pouring the water in jets practices located outside the incubator. External interventions, fast and practical, can drastically reduce the loss of moisture that would instead lost by opening the incubator for refill inner trays.

3) THERMIC INSULATED VENTILATION: internal ventilation is guaranteed by a silent turbine, which sucks air from the bottom and side walls conveys a warm air limit. Thanks to a refined and Aero design, unique in its category, is ensured greater uniformity of temperature and humidity inside the incubator.

Artificial Intelligence: the incubator uses a digital electronic device that allows the user to set the desired temperature with a resolution of 0.1° C, by acting in such a way as to maintain that value to vary the temperature of the environment, guaranteeing so embryonic development without imbalances.
The regulation uses the principle of feedback: the value of the temperature measured by the sensor NTC is compared to the value chosen by the user. The particular adjustment algorithm adopted by the microprocessor allows to eliminate the oscillations characteristics of simpler regulations, offering fast response and good temperature stability of sophisticated control systems.

Automatic egg turning device (eggs are turned on automatically).


Incubator model Real 24 Automatic Professional
The incubator is designed to incubate eggs Hen, pheasant, Guinea fowl, quail, Partridge, Partridge, duck, Mallard, goose, Turkey,
Peacock, rock Partridge, pigeon, quail, exotic birds and birds of prey.
Capacity 0-24 eggs, or 96 small eggs (quail type)
Nominal voltage 230 Volt, single-phase EC
Maximum power 100 W
Average daily consumption Max. 1 kW/24 hours
Display Digital temperature control with decimal point
Range Editable by a temperature Min. of 30° C up to maximum 40° C
Thermostat Precision electronic +/-0.1° C
Turbine engine Silenced Asynchronous
Ventilation To 100 mm diameter turbine
Heater Resistance of high-quality aluminium
Weight Measurements 50 x 38 x 26 cm - 3,85 Kg

These technical features, with the careful selection of components, provide accuracy and duration of performances over time, associated with a compact and attractive design make the incubator "REAL 24 BOROTTO" high quality system offered at a very low price.

Italian Product-Guaranteed
Qualified Assistance
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