catena motosega

Even the best chain consumed itself, and with time loses the thread. If one of the following situations occurs, it's time to sharpen the chain:

  • the chain does not penetrate into the wood, but it must be pushed by pressing on the handles;

  • instead of large chips, the chain produces fine sawdust;

  • smoke during the cut despite the perfect lubrication and the correct tension of the chain;

  • if the cut goes in one direction, it can be symptom of teeth without wire on one side or an irregular length thereof;

  • if the chainsaw vibrates and jumps during the cut, the height of the depth limiters must be checked.

Maintenance of the chain begins with careful cleaning from resin residues and impurities. It's necessary to replace the damaged or excessively worn parts, for example when the wear references have been reached.
One last tip: during sharpening the chain must be more tense than normal, this prevents the tipping of the teeth and facilitates the maintenance of the correct angle.