The aquaponics combines together aquaculture (breeding of fish and shellfish) with hydroponics (cultivation without soil). It is a perfect cycle which takes advantage of hydroponics as the ease of obtaining an organic harvest or optimum use of space, resulting fresh fish, natural fertilizer produced by fish and recycling water in a continuous circle.
An aquaponic system uses the discharge water of the fish ponds to irrigate beds of growth, without soil, where are located plants.
This water is rich in nutrients useful for plant growth, thanks to the growth of bacterial populations on the beds that convert waste products into fertilizer absorbed by plant roots.
The fish, in fact, through breathing produce ammonia, bacteria Nitrosomonas eat ammonia returning nitrite, Nitrobacterbacteria feed of nitrites releasing nitrates and plants extract nitrate from water, purifying it for fish.
This system knowing a great development, especially in those areas where agricultural products must be imported and fishing has been decreasing, but also for all those people who want to create an household mini-farm self-sufficient, or those who want to exploit their aquarium to grow ornamental plants at home.

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