For the success of the wines have to be bottled you must follow some simple rules:

1. Avoid bottle during the new moon;
2. Choose a sunny, mild, rainless and windless day;
3. Always use bottles dry and clean, dark glass for red wines and light for whites, but only if you will keep in a dark place;
4. Before filling, rinse the bottles with a bit of wine, so that the walls get wet;
5. Leave an air space of about 1 cm between the cork and the wine;
6. Check that the capper not staves corks;
7. Lie down the bottles after 24 hours after bottling and store them in a cool place, without excessive temperature changes in low light and odorless.

Traditionally it is thought that the moon much conditions operation of bottling wine, in particular, are strongly advised not to bottle during the new moon, during the first quarter (crescent moon) it is recommended to bottle sparkling wines, during last quarter (waning moon) long-aging wines and sweet wines, while the full moon is conducive to all kinds of wine.

Approximately should bottle from January to April if we get a sparkling wine, from August to November the wines to age.